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“A picturebook is text, illustrations, total design; an item of manufacture and a commercial product; a social, cultural, historic document; and foremost, an experience for a child. As an art form it hinges on the interdependence of pictures and words, on the simultaneous display of two facing pages, and on the drama of the turning page.” (Barbara Bader 1976:1)

My intention is to discuss picturebooks, in particular the pictures in them! Why? Because, in ELT we tend to select picturebooks because they contain words our students might know. I plan to write something a couple of times a month, sharing what I discover in my readings; describe new titles I come across; discuss particular illustrators and their styles and generally promote the picture in picturebooks.

From January 2008 to December 2011 I benefitted from a PhD research grant from FCT, in Portugal.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Ten picturebooks for pre-primary language learners

The reason for my recent flurry of activity is because DELTA Publishing are doing a feature on ten picturebooks for pre-primary children - all ten now appear  on my blog! They have also created a flier outlining ten reasons for using stories with very young learners.  

To learn more about the promotion, and maybe even win all ten picturebooks, follow this link. 

Below you can see the ten books being featured in the DELTA promotion. Click on the picturebook covers to reach the posts.


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